ESSA Primary School gives pupils lessons in healthy living


Children at ESSA Primary School have been treated to a special week to promote health and wellbeing. 
The Lever Edge Lane school launched its Healthy Living Week on Monday, taking children off timetable for the whole day to take part in a variety of activities. 
Victoria Pukiello-Collier, the children and family support worker and designated safeguarding leader at the school, said they’ve had a very successful start to the week. 
She said: “We’re based in one of the most deprived areas in Bolton — we see a lot of children coming and going. 
“We like to focus on both the physical and mental wellbeing of our pupils, and we do a wellbeing check every morning.
“We’ve been doing a wake-and-shake, continuing with our daily mile, and all the children went home yesterday with their own Happy Bags that they’d decorated.” 
Children have been treated to a variety of fun activities, starting out the week with boxing and yoga classes, before making their Happy Bags. 
Early Years and Key Stage One students made “aromadough”, a fun toy scented with aromatherapy oils, while the Key Stage Two students used fruit teas to make their own infusions to take home. 
All bags also contained scented candles, mindfulness colouring, and happy quotes. 
Today, the head teacher will be running and giving inspirational talks, while Tuesday and Thursday were set aside to teach every student about road safety. 
On Friday, all children will receive their happiness certificates. 
Mrs Pukiello-Collier added: “It’s been very, very busy and full-on, but so worth it. 
“In addition to all the other activities, our year six students got to work on their breathing and calming techniques to prepare them for SATs. 
It’s all good fun and the children are getting so much out of it. 
“The boxing coach who came in from Amir Khan’s gym, Przemek Klimkowicz, is one of our parents and it’s great to get them involved. 
“It’s been a really good few days given everything that’s going on at the moment.” 

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