How to make your business travel COVID-19 proof


“Don’t let your fear of what could happen, make nothing happen.” With the escalating concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19) resulting in companies curbing business travels and substituting those with video-conferences, the scale of business implications could be huge.

Business heads, CXOs or entrepreneurs who were frequent travellers till yesterday are now avoiding travels for holding face-to-face meetings with clients and other business stakeholders, taking tech assistance instead, to finish those interactions keeping safe ‘geographical’ distance. However, the question remains-how long can businesses afford to continue with such precautionary measures?

In these trying times, there’s only one thing that can protect you-it is but your immunity. And watching what you eat is one of the key ways in which you could give a boost to your immune system. What better than turning to the age-old, tried and tested ‘Ayurveda’ for the answer.

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It is arguably the best way to say healthy – naturally that too! Health scares like the one prevailing remind us of the preventive aspect of Ayurveda. It’s unfortunate that Ayurveda-the classic holistic way of life – has been reduced to a curative option. Yet, it’s never too late. Let now be the time when we give the reins to the attested ancient wisdom to beef our immunity up.

One needs to keep in mind that Ayurveda is a lifestyle-a preventive measure, not a cure. Good things take time, we know. And Rome too wasn’t built in a day. One must regularly consume herbs which are gifts of Nature, namely Amla, Neem, Giloy, Tulsi, etc., to strengthen his/her immunity system. If one consciously includes Wild Amla juice, Wheatgrass juice, Wild Tulsi Giloy juice in his/her dietary ritual, a well-armed Immune System is not far away.

Aside from Ayurvedic herbs, products made from naturally sourced ingredients like A2 Desi Cow Ghee or Wild Honey also goes a long way in strengthening the immunity and resistance power. Functional foods (foods that are fortified with nutrients) help in boosting immunity. Probiotic gummies, milk with Vitamin D, orange juice with omega-3 fatty acids, are some of the effective options. So while travelling, keep these handy, to stay healthy. Natural immunity-booster foods like lemons, strawberries, oranges, broccoli, sprouts, etc., should invariably form an integral part of your diet.

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Another effective way to enhance your resistance against any antigen attacks is to practise Yoga religiously. Pranayama – breathing control exercise, Surya namaskar (sun salutation), inverted Yoga postures like Sarvangasana do a world of good to your immunity system. Squeeze some time off your busy schedule to keep Yoga in it.

Post-work regimens also play a pivotal role in building immunity. An evening shower with warm ginger and cardamom oil is both rejuvenating and cleansing. Sufficient sleep and medication keep your mind healthy, focused and positive. So while travelling, one can detach from the outside world to secure the precious me-time that goes a long way in reducing the stress levels. It would keep you fit – both mentally and physically.

Additionally, one also has to follow personal hygiene like frequently washing hands with hand-wash or soap, cleaning hands with sanitiser, avoiding close contact, sneezing by covering nose with tissue paper, avoiding touching the mouth, nose or eyes, etc, to keep infections away.

Travel with care is the buzzword at the moment for business travellers. Embrace Ayurveda, Functional foods, Yoga and some healthy habits to keep your body immune to the virus attack during travel. Although it’s always advisable to avoid travelling to coronavirus-affected countries at the moment. You need to combine the use of communication technology and travel in your business expansion plan in such a way that your business growth plan remains majorly unaffected. It’s about time to overcome the fear of travelling, to make things happen.

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(The author is Founder & Managing Director, Kapiva)

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